I Just Want To Make Beautiful Things!

My First Bisque Fire
December 27, 2017
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January 9, 2018



Long vacations! New kiln! Rushing to finish orders! Bisque fire! Glaze fire! Christmas! What a way to end the year!

After a good vacation, it takes time to get back to routine. This year end has been hectic trying to achieve so many things in two months. Orders which I took before going away on my holiday was forgotten and far from my mind. However, the reminders and the urge to rush before Christmas on return, I must admit, was a little stressful. On top of that I had to learn how to operate the kiln. So Overwhelming!

Now, everything is done. I’ve managed to get the kiln going. I made a few people happy. My studio is a mess. I have to think about projects for next year. I have clay sitting around waiting to be recycled. I have blogs to write. I have to take pictures of recent projects. I have to price my works.  I have to update the Website, Facebook, Instagram. Management, management, management! And all I wanted to do was just make beautiful things…

Happy New Year!