It Was The Year 2009

The Beginning Of A Love Story
June 30, 2017
So Much Confidence
July 8, 2017

After much procrastination, I remembered registering for a beginners pottery session at a neighbourhood recreation centre. Not expecting what was to come or what I was to benefit from this hobby, I went in with much enthusiasm.

Learning to ‘wedge’. Kneading clay as if it was dough. This was to ensure that the consistency of the clay was uniform and all air pockets removed. ‘Throwing‘, slap clay onto the wheel head. Push foot paddle forward and accelerate. ‘Centering’, with moist hands, squeeze clay up, push hard down. Do this a couple of times till clay is centred. ‘Opening‘, push down into the middle of clay and pull away from the centre. ‘Collar in’, squeeze with two hands the opening to make it smaller. ‘Raise‘ the wall… Do this three times. Use a rib and clean up the outer walls then shape your bowl. With a wire taut, cut off from bat and remove your bowl. Technical terms I’ll be using for the future.

Instructions looked and sounded simple. All I had to do was to follow them and soon I would be whooping up bowls and plates! Excited!