It’s Here, My New Skutt

Buttoning Up Another Project
September 20, 2017
My First Bisque Fire
December 27, 2017

As with every baker’s dream to own a Kitchen Aid, every ceramic artist’s dream is to own a Skutt Kiln. My new toy has finally arrived and now what? I am too nervous to get this humongous baking machine working.

After sitting on it for 3 days, today, this very rainy and extremely windy day, I decided that I had to start doing something with this hunk. Hoping that this weather is not going to bring about a power failure at any point of time.

Before starting on any projects, the first thing I had to do was to carry out a test fire. I prepared my shelves with kiln wash the night before. I read the manual a hundred times on programming of the CONE FIRE Mode making sure I did not miss out anything and that I had understood every instruction that came with it. I had watched YouTube. I had Googled how to. Half a day later, I finally took courage, and started the kiln.

Four hours into the firing, I have walked out to the garage at least 50 times. When someone makes toast, I think something is burning. When someone makes lunch, I think something is burning. When someone makes coffee, I think something is burning. Help! In paranoid mode and I still have 3 more hours to go!!!!!

Seven and a half hours later, everything is sitting snug and very quiet in the garage . . . nothing is burning. Occasionally there will be a clicking sound from the internal mechanism. The kiln has gone through the test fire program running at Cone 04 shutting off heat at the max of 1944/5 F.  As you can see through the peep hole, it’s fiery red. Now its time for the cool off while I have a good night’s sleep. Next couple of days, I will be starting on my first bisque!!!!! Much anxiety!!!!