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My Patience Is Fading
August 1, 2017
I Love Trimming!
August 14, 2017

2009 Collection

95 - 2010-03-19 at 11-41-22 2

While going through my pottery snapshots, apparently I had a 2009 collection? Let’s check out a few pieces.

My first teapot? Well… I’m embarrassed to post this. Definitely not functional!

Peeping lizard? This was a bowl that had collapsed while throwing and how conveniently I placed a cute lizard to make it look as though I was artistic! Definitely not intentional!

A pair of bluebirds? Pretty cool. Perhaps I’m more inclined for hand building.

Broken top jar? Saving my mistakes to make it look like artifacts? Clever!

Now that I have gotten the basics, going on the wheel has been addictive. The need to want to make – ‘M-O-R-E’!

Left to right: My first teapot, peeping lizard, a pair of bluebirds and a broken lid design container.