Roly Poly Wild Blackberry Leaves

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September 1, 2017
Buttoning Up Another Project
September 20, 2017

Fall is no where to be seen. The trees are still baring their leaves. I use to pick up leaves that had fallen on the ground while taking Pepper for his walks and the extra poo bag that I had brought along was always filled to the brim. I sure miss those days…

Since the season does not allow me to pick any leaves from the ground, I decided to experiment on the ones that were still attached to the plant! Freshly plucked from the bushes, these Blackberry leaves do make good imprints.

So what am I making? I imprinted the leaves on the clay and started tearing them into small pieces and with the help of a cylindrical stick, I wrapped the clay around it and rolled them into a tube. These will be essential oil diffuser necklaces. Hope they will be ready for Christmas!