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August 18, 2017
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September 1, 2017



It’s been a slow, quiet summer. No workshop. No open studio. No inspiration to write about past works so I’m going to fast forward 8 years today and talk about Air Dry Clay.

With nowhere to fire my projects, I decided to experiment Air Dry Clay. Michaels was having a 55% discount so why not buy some ADC and give it a try. The clay consistency was about the same as kiln fired clay but dried faster than usual so the pace of work too had to be hastened.

I find ADC to be more brittle and cracked easily. So when I started making these birds I found that I had to reattach the bird feet often as they would drop off with just a little knock. It took the birds 24 hours to dry completely in this hot weather and I was painting them in no time. Even then the foot would accidentally drop off if I applied too much pressure on them with a paint brush.

Finally after much gentle handling and with a thin coat of varnish, them birds were basking in the sun!