I Just Want To Make Beautiful Things!
January 2, 2018

Work does not stop at the finish of a product. There’s lots to do behind the scenes. Posting pretty pictures on Instagram and FaceBook requires dressing up. Hours are sometimes spent on collecting props or backdrops in preparation for photography, before hitting that ‘post’ button and showing off my pretty works.

Apart from the little stamp on my stoneware, I’ve also made some tags. It’s like a confirmation of my work just in case you missed the little stamp and if that’s not enough, there’s also a thank you note included to show you how much I appreciate you coming through and taking a piece of my art home.

Guess what? Everything is handmade! Here I have cut up some recycled cardboard for my tags and stamped it with an OBC logo. A hole is created for securing the hemp and this will be attached to my product. Love the simple and rustic look that goes with my pottery.